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3 ton grip truck for feature films, commercials, and music videos.

At 16′ in length, our truck is large enough to carry all you need for production, but still nimble enough to negotiate tight, urban environments, and primitive, desert terrain.

Packed inside are two dollies, a 21 foot crane, thirty feet of track, and an ample selection of tungsten, HMI, LED, Kinos, generators, a Mathews 12′ x 12′ frame with diffusion, c-stands, various bounce, flags, high rollers, a mambo combo, and plenty of grip stuff.




Maxon Liftgate.


Load in and load out are easy with our Maxon liftgate.


Perfect size for your project.

Our grip truck is perfect for small to medium sized feature film productions, commercials, and music videos. Your team will find all of the professional grip and electric equipment needed to create your vision.


email: [email protected]